"Our goals are urgent.  We must make Austin Community College more affordable, improve student success rates, provide accessible child care to students and faculty, and ensure that ACC creates good jobs that pay fair wages and support families. My career has been about standing up for working people in Central Texas, and that's why I am running -- to be your champion."
Ensure Student Success

Many ACC students face obstacles that make it difficult for them to complete their coursework and and obtain their degree.  ACC has taken important steps over the last few years to support student success, but more work needs to be done.


ACC should continue to strengthen its academic advising program and adopt a holistic, individualized approach to student success. ACC serves students of all backgrounds and walks of life and should tailor its student support services to do the same. First generation college students, undocumented students, LGBTQI students, students who are single parents, students who are formerly incarcerated, students who are veterans, students who return to college at a later age -- all face unique obstacles to completing their degree.  ACC’s efforts to improve course completion and graduation rates must address the challenges that students face both inside the classroom and beyond.

Make ACC More Affordable

It’s not easy for many working people to obtain the education and training they need to find a job that pays a fair wage. As higher education costs continue to rise, many students and workers across Central Texas depend on Austin Community College to provide them with affordable, quality education.


The misaligned priorities of our state legislature make it harder for the Austin Community College District to keep tuition costs down. Central Texas taxpayers recognize the important role that ACC plays in this community. It is time for the Texas State Legislature to do the same by allocating additional general revenue funding for public community colleges and closing the commercial sales tax disclosure loophole that allows some local commercial property owners to avoid paying their fair share in taxes.

Expand Low-cost Childcare Options

Child care remains one of the largest expenses families face in raising children. The lack of sufficient, affordable child care options in Central Texas affects students, faculty, and staff alike. Many students are balancing school responsibilities with child care responsibilities at home. Providing affordable childcare to students will improve graduation rates, particularly for single women and women of color, which translates into higher incomes, better health, and improved educational outcomes for students’ children in the long-term.

Create Good Jobs for Our Community

As one of the largest public employers in the region, ACC has the power to raise the floor for workers across Central Texas. ACC should be a model employer and provide all faculty and staff with living wages, basic benefits like earned paid sick time, and meaningful pathways for career advancement. As a steward of public resources, ACC should also hold contractors and vendors to the same employment standards that it sets for its own employees.