Progressive Attorney and Community Organizer

Stephanie Gharakhanian is a first-generation American, an attorney, and a community organizer. She is dedicated to ensuring that every person in Central Texas has access to quality education and an opportunity to succeed.


For the last five years at Workers Defense Project, Stephanie has provided legal assistance to working families who face poor treatment or abuse on the job. She has been a consistent advocate for living wages for all, lifelong workforce development, immigration reform, and reducing inequality in Central Texas.


In her career, Stephanie has proven her ability to work with both elected officials and local communities to achieve concrete gains for working people. In 2014, Stephanie led the successful campaign to guarantee higher wages and safer jobs for construction workers on Austin Community College District projects. Then, Stephanie served on ACC’s Construction Wages and Working Conditions Task Force to ensure that the promises made by the ACC Board of Trustees and the ACC administration became reality. Most recently, she has been a leader in the movement to win earned paid sick time for all Texas families.


Stephanie believes that Austin Community College can be a leader in confronting economic inequality, stagnating wages, and lack of affordability in Central Texas.  She is running for the ACC District Board of Trustees to be a champion for working families.


Stephanie earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame. She received a full-tuition scholarship to attend Northeastern University School of Law as a Public Interest Law Scholar and earned her law degree in 2013.


Stephanie lives in North Central Austin with her partner Nick.